War and hardships of turbulent conditions especially in the refugee camps effect many of the fundamental necessities, priorities and even values. Very often both children, parents and even community leaders see no necessity, importance or even need for children to attend schools. Many of these children are trapped in illegal child labor markets or become street working kids, collecting garbage and in different ways lose their resources and potentials for growth. This may solve some of the immediate needs of the families but also starts a viscous circle of poverty and criminality for the entire society.

Once a street-working war victim little girl put a school uniform she reviews herself, her world and her life. This is a magical moment, a chance all children deserve to have and decide their future. Providing those moments, and then supporting children to choose and facilitating to sustain their choices is the most important present we can give to the children. MMCC is proud to be facilitating these choices for many children of IDP camps and supporting them to go back to schools.