Nurturing & cultivating an articulated strong voice for the voiceless

The hardships of wars and conflicts very often make individuals as well as communities and groups such as children and youth in general lose their voices. The victims very often suffer for ages and this also has many social consequences. Not to be heard and not to be considered and gradually becoming eliminated and excluded as individuals and as communities are among these consequences. From being a shy traumatized excluded little girl to for example becoming an articulated, self-confident activist wisely arguing and strongly demanding and advocating for children rights is not a long way through our pedagogy. It is simply all about finding the proper and joyful tools and instructions to develop the personal and social skills. Stage, manuscript, humor, logic, make-up, sound system, spotlights, costumes, performing venues, live audience all the way to TV stations and National Parliament, and interviewing ministers are among our tools for that.