Lack of hygiene & proper "hand wash" is a the biggest cause of child mortality

Many children of war-turned countries and especially refugee and IDP camps have the same problem of hygiene and sanitation. A dirty hand can only make a diarrhea but a simple diarrhea without proper care and medicine easily kills thousands of children. A simple instruction of how and when to wash the hands can save thousands of lives.

MMCC in 2002 together with doctors, local artists, musicians, children and international art and communication experts created and developed its first "Hand Wash" performance. The performance which is a 20 minutes circus comedy part of an hour of performance has been performed for over 2 million children in 28 provinces of Afghanistan. The show has been sponsored by various health and humanitarian organizations such as UNHCR, PSI and Solidarite International. This show has also been performed in Bangladesh for Rohingya children in Cox Bazar refugee camps and was highly effective and appreciated.

The performance which is a fine combination of comedy, circus, instruction of 6 steps of the hand washing, singing, dancing, practical showing how to wash, and music is a pedagogical masterpiece of communication. It is interactive and once seen will never be forgotten. Two big (dirty and clean) hands play with 3 other characters and children practically get involved with their emotions to the content  of the performance and obtain the appropriate reflexive behavior cording to the instructions.