Mine Risk Education through Creative Methods and Art

Since 2006 MMCC has been performing Mine Risk Education performances and conducting workshops developed with supervision of UNMACA for hundreds of thousands of children in Afghanistan. The shows and workshops are all certified by the Landmine experts as the subject is highly crucial and dangerous and instructions very technical.

The shows last for approximately 20 minutes and are performed as part of a full one hour MMCC performance. Afghanistan during the last 40 years of war has become one of the most landmine planted countries in the world. The old metals on the fields which can be UXO’s (Unexploded Ordnance) are also big problem and cause many causalities specially among children. The conventional teaching methods such as talking, explaining and even using posters are are not as effective as our MMCC methods which engage children emotionally with the problems and create reflexive appropriate behavioral patterns.

To reach children of all levels of understanding and capacities, a number of different educational tools are utilized in the shows and workshops. The most essential educational tools and methods utilized are:

  • Outstanding visual inputs by big props and big movements.
  • Story telling and theatrical comedy together with practical instructions.
  • Music and singing, colors, fun, surprises, amusement "Circus"
  • Use of interactive methods for engaging the audience in the shows and workshops