MMCC is a leading social circus organization working for and with vulnerable children and youth in challenged societies. With social circus, we improve personal and social skills and facilitate a sense of belonging to the society. Local ownership and participation are two key elements of our pedagogy. We are a nonprofit organization inspiring children and youth to discover their potential and take the lead in creating lasting cheerful societies.


  • To provide tools and methods, to create and facilitate opportunities for children and youth in developing social skills, a healthy identity, a sense of belonging to the society and in fulfilling their potential.
  • To introduce, advocate for and promote environments and cultures that enable children and youth to grow to their full potential.
  • To engage, share and collaborate with national and international communities and organizations, to expand, improve and enrich the methods of social circus pedagogy and its use around the world.


A cheerful world where children and youth grow happily to their full potential.


  • 3.8 million audience and workshop participants since 2002
  • Development of tens of Educational Performances with different themes such as Health Education, Landmine Awareness and Peace Education
  • Establishing progressive and stable National Program in 5 zones of Afghanistan and reaching over 175.000 audience per year by its performances
  • Having average 1500 children and youth attending our daily activities
  • Developing a unique Social Circus Pedagogy and and managing system for its activities in the conflict zones
  • Introducing different children cultural activities and conducting workshops for thousands of children and teachers
  • Organizing annual regional and national championships, festivals, children assemblies and girls networks
  • Providing psycho social support and developing personal and social skills for underprivileged children


MMCC was founded in 2002 in Afghanistan and gradually expanded since then to a leading global Social Circus organization with its main expertise in conflict zones. Lack of pedagogic and financial resources made MMCC to invent and develop its own unique pedagogy and management which has now become the main success element in its activities. Relying on a global network of volunteers and contributors MMCC could maintain and expand its work.


  • Board of directors: Line Nielsen, Lauren Hatvany  and Tommy  Widriksen
  • Executive director: Berit Muhlhausen
  • Founder: David Mason


MMCC’s headquarter is in Copenhagen Denmark and the main center in Afghanistan. Since 2017 we have numerous performances, workshops, exhibitions, and lectures in over 20 countries.

Afghanistan:  Main office and Social Circus school in Kabul (Gol-e-Sang Center) with 5 regional centers in 5 zones of Afghanistan (Kabul, Balkh, Bamyab, Herat and Nangarhar)

Bangladesh: We have made performances and workshops for over 8000 children of Rohingya camps in Cox-Bazar and also initiated children’s performing teams in 2017. The activities are stopped as we are looking for new partners in Bangladesh.

New frontiers: We are currently investigating new horizons to discover. Our current 3 years strategy includes bringing our capacities and services to many more children in troublesome countries. Please let us know if you have any interests, contacts or ideas for our new expansion.


Main current projects:

  • National Program (in Afghanistan): This includes 1500 children on daily and weekly bases attending activities in 5 zones of Afghanistan, performing for over 175.000 children per year. The National Program has artistic, cultural, educational, psycho social activities and is a inspirational source for the entire country. The National Program is mainly covered by donations.
  • Urban Challenge: This is a youth capacity building project in Kabul with the aim of facilitating youth to develop their dreams and support them to meet, connect and be inspired to find their own ways and identities. The Urban Challenge (UC) is supported by GIZ.
  • Global Expansion: bringing our capacities to other countries (this is a 3 years strategy reaching 3 of the biggest refugee camps in the word. This is sponsored by Mustard Seeds Trust.

Previous projects:

  • EDU performances: with incorporated subjects such as Land-Mine Education, Drug Abuse, Peace Education, which are performed for 3.8 million children
  • Children advocacy activities such as champagnes and events
  • Psycho social help and developing personal and social skills of underprivileged children
  • educational and cultural activities, training
  • National Championships, Festivals and Children Assemblies
  • School Decoration
  • Children Radio Program
  • Photo and video Workshops and capacity building
  • Pedagogic Workshops for teachers, trainers and master trainers
  • International Tours including training and performances


Since 2002 MMCC has partnered with and been supported by many such as:

  • Governments: France, Denmark, Finland, Poland, Afghanistan, Canada, EU,
  • NGOs: Save The Children, Intersos, EMDH, GIZ, WHH, WarChild, Troicare, Solidarite, Equal Access, Culture of Resistance,
  • Charities: MustardSeeds, Norgrove Foundation,  Dignity for Children,
  • Networks: CircusEffect, CircoMondo, ASCA, CARAVAN (European Youth and Social Circus Network) and FMC (Federation Mondial de Cirque), IJA (International Juggling Association)