Determination & Commitment Since Early 2002

MMCC was founded in 2002 in Afghanistan and gradually expanded since then to a leading global Social Circus organization with its main expertise in conflict zones. Lack of pedagogic and financial resources made MMCC to invent and develop its own unique pedagogy and management which has now become the main success element in its activities. Relying on a global network of volunteers and contributors MMCC could maintain and expand its work.

What radically distinguishes MMCC from most of the organizations is it roots and how it developed. Children and youth of war themselves together with local volunteers and staff have been the main part of conceptualizing, developing and implementing the activities.


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Berit Muhlhausen and David Mason have been the main architects and facilitators of MMCC who were living in MMCC Center in Afghanistan from 2002. They basically provided all imaginable tools and facilities for the children and the youth together with the local staff for an organic sustainable growth of the organization.