for personal & social development where all the other pedagogies fail

Traditional and mainstream pedagogies are all developed in peace and for children and youth of relatively stable environments. In the war and for the children and youth of war not only the conditions and circumstances are different but the needs and resources and thereby goals are fundamentally different.

Our pedagogy is extracted from the children and the youth of war themselves and developed on the field together with them since 2002 in Afghanistan. It works perfectly and even better in the chaos and extreme conditions.

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MMCC's main pedagogic elements and key words:

  1. Focus on the positive & fun
  2. Avoid focusing on any problems
  3. Constructive engagement
  4. Empowering and strengthening self-confidence
  5. Establishing alternative community (subculture)
  6. Developing a strong, realistic & practical Iidentity
  7. Life-Skills training
  8. Positive attitude education
  9. Life supporting stimulation?
  10. Educational & informative activities
  11. Attention span expansion
  12. By children & for children
  13. Facilitating & providing
  14. Logistics made for children