Never call it that (therapy), although it is happening all the time!

This is actually what we never talk about though it’s the only thing happening all the time no matter what else is going on in the workshops or performances. If for a single minute we make a child puzzled by an act of magic, bursting into laughter by a comedy, climbing a human pyramid or just painting alone or even sitting at a corner doing nothing and watching other kids. All the logistics and activities in MMCC are designed, developed and implemented with the main purpose of personal and social progress for all the participants and audience. Following are some of the main elements of this approach:

  • Trust building & socialization & providing numerous expression tools,
  • Increasing tolerance & focus and attention & overview
  • Bringing smile and hope back together with fun and a taste of childhood and joy
  • Building self confidence, skill building & increasing will power and determination

Children joyfully overcoming their fears never loose in any wars