Some of the main articles of MMCC's protective conducts:

  1. The main purpose of MMCC is making children happy and joyful as well as wise and strong in their mental, physical and social aspects through artistic and cultural activities, and laughter, with a positive and happy approach to life and all its resources.
  2. Beside the overall respect for all the cultural and social norms and sensitivities of different communities, MMCC never participates in any political, religious, or ethnical activities and will never discriminate or exclude any child.
  3. MMCC never receives any financial or material assistance or supports from or provides any services for any military or armed groups.
  4. MMCC respects and follows all the articles of Children Rights Convention of the United. Any violation of this convention such as physical punishment will be seriously responded to.
  5. MMCC never uses its finances, properties, children or and staff for any personal or individual benefit or objectives.
  6. MMCC always makes a transparent system to make sure that all the articles of this agreement and article of association of the NGO is followed.
  7. MMCC always provide the facilities and support experimental and research activities in order to produce new cultural and artistic products for children.
  8. MMCC always try to disseminate its services to as many as children nationwide as possible and will not be limited to a small number of children and locations.
  9. MMCC must economically function and cover all its expenses however money and financial matters should not substitute the ultimate and main objective of  MMCC.