A Cost Effective And Sustainable Model

A respected financial consultant in 2018 told MMCC, that we should be proud of our achievements in Afghanistan. We ARE proud – and we are very thankful to all our global friends, who show trust in what we do by donating to make it all happen. In addition to the individual donations, MMCC highly appreciate private sector support.
We have successfully made a very cost effective and thereby long term sustainable model for continuing all activities initiated by MMCC in Afghanistan. By end of the year we handed over all responsibilities for the National Program to our local partner, AECC. With support from our large network of international friends, MMCCs cornerstone in Afghanistan is thereby now sustained on local hands. Leaving space for MMCC to look into new horizons.
MMCC continues to supervise and support AECC and the circus activities in Afghanistan. Financially MMCC also continues to have tight bonds with AECC. An agreement is signed between the two organizations by which MMCC financially secure the basic needs of AECC’s National Program, mainly with money collected from private donations. In 2018 MMCC besides this paid for service and facilities provided by AECC for MMCC’s own activities in Afghanistan, which among more included a larger partnership project with UNICEF.