When education makes sense and brings joy

Entertainment is our main driving power to make children enthusiastic about learning while the knowledge itself is transformed to sensible experiences to be easier and better obtained. From solidarity

The traditional pedagogies are often passive, for example give a message of malaria prevention by a written text or a poster. Our approach is engaging children actively in the process of learning by power of entertainment and involving their senses and emotions with the problems and guide them to discover and own the solution.

Every physical art workshops and performances are developed with the same pedagogic principal, for example a human pyramid is to teach solidarity and a cable walking to increase self-confidence, and a pair juggling to practice team work and empathy.

Since 2002 MMCC has developed many edutainment tools for teaching different subjects to the children. MMCC has developed tools and transformed life skill subjects such as landmine education and social skills to personal development, school lessons and complex subjects such as topography to participatory joyful experiences.