1 million Rohingya refugees - 600,000 children.

The world's biggest refugee camp. Rohingya muslims from Myanmar, in Cox Bazar, Bangladesh. THIS needs a circus to bring some smiles and fun. In February 2018, MMCC with a team of four Afghan circus trainers performed, trained a local Circus team and introduced and initiated Social Circus for more than 10,000 Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh. To enable the activities to continue we also build a Circus Dome next to the school run by our host and local partner, Moonlight Development Foundation, MDF.

The Bangladesh initiative served as a pilot for MMCC’s plans for expanding activities to more countries by using the methodology and strategies developed in Afghanistan over the past 15 years. MMCC’s new strategy was thereby developed based on the success and lessons learned in Bangladesh.

The activities in Bangladesh were implemented in partnership with Moonlight Development Foundation, MDF Financially the Bangladesh initiative was enabled thanks to support from Mustard Seed Trust Fund.

We welcome any new partnerships for initiating such activities in Bangladesh as well as any refugee camps anywhere in the world.