Information, experiences, stories and sensations you never heard or even imagined before

Berit Muhlhausen & David Mason have 17 years of experience with social circus in war-zone to share with you. Our board of directors and our many international volunteers as well would love to tell you their perspectives and what they have experienced with MMCC and present our works.

The lectures are modified for different audience from academical to children and subjects such as our pedagogy, humanitarian works, simple stories of the children etc. The lectures are supplied by a unique slideshow and a collection of breathtaking short video clips.

MMCC together with its volunteers have made tens of these amazing inspirational presentation lectures and the feedback of the audience have always been very positive. You never hear anything like these in any media or any platform, its simply a different reality, approach, a different dimension in humanitarian work and pedagogy absolutely unknown to the main stream.

For more information please contact us: [email protected]