Since 2002 hundreds of volunteers from all around the world with artistic, technical, fundraising, admin, and other skills have been supporting us. You too with whatever resources, capacities, and networks any time and from anywhere even from the comfort of your home can join us.

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Welcome to our team of global volunteers.


Many schools and institutions from around the world such as USA, Australia, Netherlands, and Luxembourg made exchange projects with MMCC. We are grateful to their support and happy for being able to inspire and make friendship between the children by facilitating their connection through online (meetings, performances) and off line, video, audio and text (emails and letter/postcards) messages. This is a fun and interactive way of education.

For more information please contact us by email: mailto:[email protected]


We appreciate your continuous support which make all of these possible. Individual, group, and company donations in the last 17 years have brought so much of joy and laughter to the children who need it the most in the middle of the war. Especially any continues support even a minimum monthly donation can give us the confidence for making bigger ambitious long term plans. Please visit our Donation page or for more information send us an
email: mailto:[email protected]


In 2014 Sophia’s mother sent us an email telling about her determination and brilliant idea when she was only 7 years old. Sophia since then has been organizing annual “Sophia’s-Garden-Concert” fundraisers for supporting our works for underprivileged children. She is our ambassador in Luxembourg, a young teenager who promote our work through her lectures and by exhibiting photos and videos in different venues.

To read more about this inspiring young girl supporting educational entertainment for underprivileged children check her web page: www.SophiasGardenConcert.org

would you join us and become our ambassador in your country or city? Please send us an email: [email protected]

Host Exhibition & Lecture

From the very start we have been extremely focused on our work in Afghanistan and were not part of any international community until we were discovered, recognized and considered as a reference and rich source of Social Circus especially in warzones. Since then we have been invited to numerous forums, seminars, meetings etc. to share our experiences and knowledge with the outside world. Some of these promotional activities such as lectures, workshops, performances and photo exhibitions have been in these countries (in some multiple times):

Germany, Palestine, Singapore, Spain, Denmark, France, Netherlands, Dubai, Turkey, Luxembourg, Belgium, Malaysia, , Cambodia, Greece, India, Japan, Canada, Kenya, Finland and Italy.

In the last 17 years we have discovered an amazing power and beauty in children of war in different places and a unique pedagogy to help them. We have accumulated a knowledge, hundreds of mind-blowing, inspirational stories and experiences to share with you supported by beautiful photos, exhibition, and short videos.

For more information about the hosting the exhibition or facilitating the lecture please contact us: [email protected]