National Program in Afghanistan for 1800 kids

The National Program in Afghanistan is a corner-stone of MMCC. It is developed to be very easy to both manage and implement, enabling children and youth to take and be the lead of all activities.
A unique feature of the activities in Afghanistan is that they are designed to reach and include very large numbers of children for a relatively very low cost – while keeping a high quality.
1800 children in 35 locations in 8 provinces of Afghanistan practice social circus every day. 43% are girls

The National Program in Afghanistan follows a schedule of regular activities where the children meet and practice circus for a couple of hours every day. These children then perform for many more in their local schools and communities. The performances encourage the children to learn and ensure MANY benefit from all efforts.

The National Program includes:

  • Daily Social circus for many children
  • Networks & capacity building of selected kids and youth
  • Performances by the children in local schools
  • Performances by the children in events and television
  • Annual Circus Festivals – street parades and public shows
  • Child Right focused activities (Shura and Fanoos)
  • Educational Summer and Winter programs
  • Funtainers – modified containers serving as activity bases

Actual Projects

  • Expansion to Africa:

With a 3 year strategy of expanding to Africa we are bringing more fun and educational entertainment to different parts of the world. Our 1st priority is vulnerable children in developing countries, especially those with traumas from war and conflict, in refugee camps with sparse resources and few alternatives

  • Urban Challenge

Urban Challenge is a new facility in the Gol-e-Sang Center in Kabul, which was enabled by financial support from GIZ. The new Youth focused activities are expected to grow and expand in the coming year.


Earlier Projects

  • Children Capacity Building Eastern Regional Center & Funtainer
  • Bangladesh, Ruhingya children
  • Educational Entertainment Orphanages Circus $ Media
  • IDP Camps Social Circus Children Entertainment Hygiene Education
  • Media & Children Shura Child Labor and Child Right
  • Children Media Children Advocacy by Media Drug Abuse Performance
  • Capacity Building & School Decoration
  • Landmine Awareness Capacity Building