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Afghanistan's circus gives children fun with a future
‘Afghan Malala’ speaks up for refugee children
Circus becomes family for displaced Afghan children
سیرک سیار افغانستان؛ ۱۷ سال سرگرمی و آموزش برای کودکان
In Kabul, A Juggling Act That Offers Joy For Afghan Kids
Making Afghan Children Smile
With end to polio in sight, vaccination gets creative
War-weary Afghan children find joy, healing in circus training
Afghan Kids Join the Circus


Akrobaten der Versöhnung, by ARTE

Rabia, Peace Ambassador by ARTE

War orphans find . . . by RUPTLY

Afghanistan Premier League by TOLO tv

War and hope by New China TV Xinhua

Street circus festival . . . by AP

Cirque de Kabul by RT-Documentary

Kabul Festival by Euronews

A circus school in . . . by PressTV

Children’s circus act brings joy . . . by AP

Circus brings joy . . . by IBT

سرکس و نوروز در افغانستان by VOA


Circus Girls by Nafise Motlaq
Inauguration of a new culture center in Kabul
Afghan kids join the circus
Circus School Brings Hope To Afghan Children
Random Getty Images of MMCC
Getting creative to eradicate polio in Afghanistan
Afghan Kids Join the Circus

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