No matter who and where you are, you can always help us

Promotion: You can even help us right from behind your desk at home or just spending a few minutes by your mobile phone in your hammock! Promotion, and introduction of our works by social media is a great help especially as we are very often isolated in the war zones and not many people would know about our work. Even a simple share and tag can make a big difference.

Connecting:  Nearly all our capacities are spent on the fields and not so much for looking around and discovering different potentials, resources, grants, fundraising possibilities, individuals and organizations who would help us etc. If you know of any such resources please connect us.

Working off the field: Your time and your skills are precious and always useful in helping our work. We can together based on your resources can develop the tasks best suite you.

Working on the field: From accountants to artists and instructors we need them all, contact us to see how we can provide possibilities of a productive volunteering with us.

For more information give us a call or send us an email: [email protected]  Tel: +34612207727