Circus of Hope

Transforms Lives in Ethiopia

In an innovative pilot initiative, MMCC has teamed up with its dynamic Ethiopian partner organization, “Bright Star Ethiopia,” to introduce its transformative pedagogy and establish three vibrant Social Circus teams. Remarkably, within a mere four months, this collaboration has given exceptional results – nurturing a pool of nine dedicated trainers and empowering over a hundred junior artists. Together, they have delivered a captivating total of 18 performances, for thousands of local spectators.

Setting MMCC apart from typical Social Circus organizations is our commitment to long-term impact. Rather than staging brief performances or workshops and departing, we remain deeply engaged. Our approach is rooted in sustainable strategies that empower local stakeholders. Every endeavor is carefully designed to be both accessible and effective, embodying a seamless integration into the community.

Our work stands as a testament to the extraordinary potential harnessed by children and youth when supported by their own communities and guided by mentors and facilitators. The foundation of our success rests on fostering trust and collaboration, allowing us to unlock the talents and aspirations of young individuals.

The three Social Circus teams have been established in the Chencha region of southern Ethiopia.

We would like to say a big thank you to Dignity for Children for supporting us connect with Bright Start. Working together has made a real difference. We’re also very grateful to CISU (Civil Society in Development) for giving us their financial support we needed to make this project grow.

Looking ahead, we’re excited about what’s next. The Circus of Hope is now a part of Ethiopia, and we want to make it even bigger and better. We’re searching for resources to help us keep growing and make the Circus of Hope a lasting and strong presence in Ethiopia.