We simply involve children with their entire emotional spectrum from joy and rage to fear and amazement to not only get the message across but also design their behavior.

This is not simply delivering an information and hoping the children remember and use the information the right way. We train children in obtaining the right approach and attitudes towards the subjects of the shows not only to understand but act and react wisely.

Landmine Awareness

Mine Risk Education through Creative Methods and Art

Since 2006 MMCC has been performing Mine Risk Education performances and conducting workshops developed with supervision of UNMACA for hundreds of thousands of children in Afghanistan. The shows and workshops are all certified by the Landmine experts as the subject is highly crucial and dangerous and instructions very technical.

The shows last for approximately 20 minutes and are performed as part of a full one hour MMCC performance. Afghanistan during the last 40 years of war has become one of the most landmine planted countries in the world. The old metals on the fields which can be UXO’s (Unexploded Ordnance) are also big problem and cause many causalities specially among children. The conventional teaching methods such as talking, explaining and even using posters are are not as effective as our MMCC methods which engage children emotionally with the problems and create reflexive appropriate behavioral patterns.

To reach children of all levels of understanding and capacities, a number of different educational tools are utilized in the shows and workshops. The most essential educational tools and methods utilized are:

  • Outstanding visual inputs by big props and big movements.
  • Story telling and theatrical comedy together with practical instructions.
  • Music and singing, colors, fun, surprises, amusement “Circus”
  • Use of interactive methods for engaging the audience in the shows and workshops


Hand Wash (Hygiene):

Lack of hygiene & proper “hand wash” is a the biggest cause of child mortality

Many children of war-turned countries and especially refugee and IDP camps have the same problem of hygiene and sanitation. A dirty hand can only make a diarrhea but a simple diarrhea without proper care and medicine easily kills thousands of children. A simple instruction of how and when to wash the hands can save thousands of lives.

MMCC in 2002 together with doctors, local artists, musicians, children and international art and communication experts created and developed its first “Hand Wash” performance. The performance which is a 20 minutes circus comedy part of an hour of performance has been performed for over 2 million children in 28 provinces of Afghanistan. The show has been sponsored by various health and humanitarian organizations such as UNHCR, PSI and Solidarite International. This show has also been performed in Bangladesh for Rohingya children in Cox Bazar refugee camps and was highly effective and appreciated.

The performance which is a fine combination of comedy, circus, instruction of 6 steps of the hand washing, singing, dancing, practical showing how to wash, and music is a pedagogical masterpiece of communication. It is interactive and once seen will never be forgotten. Two big (dirty and clean) hands play with 3 other characters and children practically get involved with their emotions to the content  of the performance and obtain the appropriate reflexive behavior cording to the instructions.

Peace Education:

eliminating the roots of conflicts and promoting tolerance

These performances are short musical comedies. The one in the photo is performed by animal characters starting with all the typical arguments initiating conflicts. The Frog and the horse bullying and humiliate each other and show all the typical negative attitudes which cause conflicts. Later the wise bear enters and explains how we are all created differently and have equal rights and are beautiful and good each in our different ways.

The other one (the rehearsing video) is simply educating children, their beautiful diversity of their cultures in their multi ethnic country and celebrating their differences.

Malaria Prevention

Effective interactive Educational Shows for children and youth

MMCC’s educational performances are all started with a team of experts (such as doctors), local artists, MMCC’s management and naturally the children themselves. Then it is followed by hours of brainstorming and investigating all the cultural, social and economical elements from local melodies and folklore arts and stories to case studies of the victims and their practices. Gradually ideas of the performance appear and are developed, rehearsed and performed for children focus groups and get feedback and are modified hundreds of times. Props, stage decoration, manuscripts, song, music, costumes, logistics all together with a lot of considerations such as security and cultural sensibilities are involved in developing and performing such shows.

Drug Abuse

Protecting children & youth and promoting a healthy life

The very first MMCC Drug Abuse show was supported by UNDCP and was performed in June 21th of 2002. The performance was in the International Drug Abuse Day in Kabul University and was attended by the UN special representative in Afghanistan, the President and most of his cabinet. Since then numerous workshops and performances have been conducted and performed sponsored by organizations such as Equal Access in different regions.

Every single child matters and has to be educated and protected

Polio Vaccination

Afghanistan is one of the last countries in the world where polio continues to be a problem.

2 drops of vaccine – every time, for children up to 5 years can prevent the decease.

To create awareness about the importance of vaccination MMCC developed an educational show where two evil polio ‘snakes’ are killed by the vaccinator.

In 2017-2018 MMCC’s mobile team of artists made 150 Polio shows and conducted 100 Polio Awareness workshops.

MMCC’s Polio Awareness activities reached total 80,702 children, youth and community members in 10 provinces of Afghanistan

Where security allowed it, a team of the AECC Circus kids made an entertaining circus show as part of the full performances.



collective therapy, hope and a reference to peace

What is entertainment and what does it do in the war zone anyway?

The need for entertainment and its functions are totally different here comparing to any entertainment performed for people in countries of peace and stability. From one had it distracts from war and at the same time makes a small window of hope and fantasy and give an experience and taste of peace.

For most of children and adults, this is the first time of experiencing healing power of “DEEP LAUGHTER” collectively “ALL TOGETHER” in big number and sharing the joy.