Total transformation of the narratives by the focus on the right approach

Children get different levels of exposure to our activities and pedagogy from watching a single performance (3.8 million children have watched our live shows) to be among the artists or trainers of MMCC. Very often we meet these children later who are transformed to successful adults studying in universities or have jobs in different sectors such as media, civil society and other organizations. Wherever they go and whatever they do they have something in common: They all keep our values, consider their time in MMCC the best time of their lives.

Rabia from Kabul: She joined the social circus at age of 10 and now she is among our best trainers and artists. She has performed for hundreds of thousands of children in Kabul but also in Italy and Germany. She keeps training children in different social games and different social circus activities in the refugee camps. She is among the best student in her school and plans to become a doctor.

Aziza from a refugee camp in Kabul: She joined the social circus activities at age of 12 and became interested in the media, children assembly, children journalism and children advocacy activities of MMCC. Soon she started leading children and made successful campaigns for solving water and school problems for the children of her refugee camp and became a Children’s Peace Prize candidate.