A circus show for a refugee camp, orphanage, school . . .

It is more than entertainment when it is for the children and youth of war. It’s laughter but also hope, collective therapy, joy, a taste of childhood, and a light in the dark for those whose livings are reduced to only surviving.

New Skills, Hope, Education & distraction from the war

This is not just about building up capacities but pawing the the road to personal and social progress and changing the entire narratives of the war. The workshops which are our tool can be:

  • Juggling
  • photography
  • Painting
  • Acrobatic
  • Theater

Stamped Persian Handwritten Postcards from Afghanistan!!!

You can simply chose your favorite postcards from our beautiful collection, send us the text and address (in any language) and receive (or send to a friend) it by post written by our kids. This would be a unique precious surprise coming directly from thousands of kilometers away.

Photos of Hope, Joy and Fun in the middle of the war

Some of the most inspiring photos, illustrating the hope and joy in some of the harshest situations. The photos are taken by our children and youth as well as professional photographers. Enjoy browsing our collections and choose your favorites to buy in hard or soft versions.